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Tarmac&Aircraft Security

Tarmac&Aircraft Security

Operating under the Law No. 5188 had obtained permission from the Ministry of the Interior and private security services at airports in our country by producing specialized civil aviation security; TAV Security Services Inc. provides Private Aircraft Security Services and Audit Services to Airlines with its authorized C Group License that it already has.


In thıs situation our company;
PASSENGERS AND BAGGAGE SECURITY PROSECESS: Checking passengers’ travel documents(passport,visa,residence permit,ticket,others), Interviewing of passengers for security purpose(profiling), Screening  passengers’ hand&hold baggage, Implementing additional body check, Escorting passengers to the A/C.
A/C SECURITY PROCESS: Aircraft  search/control, Observing of A/C cleaning, Physical protection of  parked A/C and access control.
CARGO SECURITY PROCESS: Providing general security of cargo area, Observing secured cargo while being loaded to Conteiners, Escorting
between cargo area and aircraft, X-raying cargo, Performing additional screening of cargo for security purposes, To provide valuable cargo security.
CATERING AND SALES PRODUCTS SECURITY PROCESS: Providing monitoring of catering products at production point, Observing boxing up and packaging of catering products, Escorting materials to be packed and sealing the boxes of products that are ready to be delivered to aircraft and escorting transportation of conteiners from production point to aircraft, Checking products which will be sold in-flight before entering aircraft.
OTHER SECURITY PROCESS: Transit/transfer,mishandled,rush baggage screening, Keeping order check-in counters, Carrying of permited arms.
Professional security services and security, the integrity of the operation is carried out basis.