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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How is security performed at the airport?

Ataturk Airport shrinking steadily since the safety of the environment and security controls that are applied to increasingly narrower. Determined in accordance with national legislation, international rules. Accordingly, under the supervision of the police surveillance and private security officers Airport Terminal buildings, people and goods entering the security screening is provided by removal of substances identified as hazardous.

2.What is the best way of passing through security without watting for long?

websites, or in the cabin of the dangerous substances and failure to airport check-in luggage, cabin luggage international flights as well as substances that are prohibited in flight within the scope of application, each with 100 ml of fluid restriction does not exceed 20x20 cm containers, one for each person on the amounts of liquid and aerosol is moved to fit in the bag must be transparent.

The door on you during the transition detectors, jackets, coats, such as removal of clothing and accessories such as metal Component belt, purse if you have all kinds of metal and electronic items are not removed to leave the clothes in his pocket would be useful for x-ray screening. At this point, according to the rules of the security staff of international and national discussion of the rule, not provide benefits such as the transaction will result in excessive prolongation.

3.Is there any different security aplication when traveling abroad?

Together with the application to be valid for everyone in general, people who have the diplomatic immunity, diplomatic couriers different procedure is subject to security screening. However, this practice not imply uncontrolled migration. International flights departing from the scope of application, each with 100 ml of fluid restriction does not exceed 20x20 cm containers, one for each person on the amounts of liquid and aerosol is moved to fit in the bag must be transparent.

4. what type of items are allowed to be carried in hand baggage and items that can be confisticated ?

Specified as hand luggage are considered luggage cabin baggage. This is an obvious threat in baggage handling and possession of firearms and knives are not banned, but the damage to people or things, potentially hazardous substances that pose a threat to any class of goods contained any matter within the scope of application of fluid restriction and international flights 100 each ml containers per capita does not exceed 20x20 cm transparent bag to fit in a piece on the amounts of liquid and aerosol transport is prohibited.

5.why do we put off jacketsand belt?

Prior to moving people from the control gate detector signal could be free of all kinds are essential items. Jackets, coats, such as removal of clothing, and people who made these points to control speed to avoid doing too much to expect, but also could endanger the safety of flight as well as all kinds of hazardous substances will prevent the hidden element of the crime. Non-metal objects that may be an element of a crime should be possible to detect by this method. Thus 100% 100% screening at the same time ensuring the safety of flight will be provided. In removing the belt, concealed under the belt is aimed to identify any object.

6. why are we screened twice in our country while in other countries screening is conducted for once
only just before boarding the aircraft?

International Civil Aviation Authority of Civil Aviation Security has designed for the safety of flight and aircraft and the security checks before boarding the plane agrees sufficient. In our country, the highest authority on Civil Aviation Security, the National Civil Aviation Security Committee, which took place in the past bitter experience, and risk analysis, taking into account the international airports in our country's Civil Aviation Safety Standards, in addition to receiving the scope of the terminal buildings, terminal buildings, the entrances of the Civil Aviation Safety are also security controls.

7.what are Security officers' duties and responsibilities, what is the role of police at controling process?

Private security officers airports, where he served as chief of police checkpoints and cargo security screening checkpoints make people. The scans detected during the crime and the criminal elements of the control point and the judicial officer who was authorized to operate in the polis report. Airport terminal building of the security screening of people and goods outside of the control points, the Police carried out the responsibility of security applications.

8. How many people are controled per year ?(including relatives of the passengers / Persons sending off and
meeting passengers, airport employees, etc)

Ataturk Airport in annual passenger circulation, It can be said that over hundered million people including airport employees and those meeting/sending off passengers pass security control.

9. Why are some x-ray machines not in use ? ( through the eyes of passengers)

National civil aviation security standards, as defined for each security checkpoint about 20 people waiting in line is the number of people required to open an additional x-ray device. Ataturk airport passengers in favor of this standard, maximum care is taken to facilitate the best possible rate.