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Civil Aviation Security Programme

Civil Aviation Security Programme

With negative returns of the increase in terrorist activities in the globalized world, the concept of private security is more important with each passing day.

Under the Civil Aviation General Directorate of Civil Aviation Security in our country by the private security services in order to identify the needs of the training emphasized the importance of ensuring continuity and quality are put into effect.

Major Training Topics

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Basic Civil Aviation Security Training
  • Check Point Security Applications Training
  • EDS Operator Training
  • Ground Handling Safety Course-Passenger
  • Ground Handling Safety Training-Luggage, Cargo
  • Cockpit and Cabin Personnel Security Training
  • Catering Safety Course
  • to 10-Clean Safety Basic Safety Course
  • Air Cargo Screening Cargo Security Management Course Course
  • Security Management Course
  • Special Security Service and Control Course


Major Training Modules

  • Module 1: Security Awareness Training Module
  • Module 2: Airport Security
  • Module 3: Personnel, passenger, car and belongings with the scanning of luggage, Ramp area
  • Module 4: Screening of baggage to the aircraft: EDS
  • Module 5: Air-freight business security
  • Module 6: Air Six luggage / cargo Security
  • Module 7: The cockpit and cabin crew security
  • Module 8: Potentially dangerous passengers control
  • Module 9: Catering Security
  • Module 10: Air Clean security
  • Module 11: Cargo / Mail Security
  • Module 12: Driver safety
  • Module 13: Air cargo scanning
  • Module 14: Aviation safety management and safety instructors
  • Module 15: ATM with the staff safety training
  • Module 16: Hazardous Substances
  • Module 17: Passenger travel documents, interviews
  • Module 18: Communication and body language
  • Module 19: Management and lidership
  • Module 20: Crisis management